Ensuring The Safety And Functionality Of Your Equipment

Upon arrival to your facility, our technician will complete a full 60-point inspection of your stands, boards, and railings. A more in-depth inspection of the fulcrum and its parts occurs during the tune-up process when the disassembly and cleaning occurs. During the inspection we are looking for micro-fraction cracks in the board, missing paint, the quality of texture across the board, as well as other components that could compromise the integrity of the equipment and safety of the athletes. We also look at the interaction of parts (whether they are level, greased appropriately, etc.) to ensure that continued use will not result in further damage or compromise the quality or safety of use for athletes and coaches. Inspections are available in person or virtually. Let us know how we can meet your springboard needs!

What Sets Us Apart

After the inspection process is complete, a report is generated based on our 60-point system. This detailed report will clarify and give a written description of our observations and recommendations if there are concerns that need to be remedied. We also provide routine maintenance recommendations to preserve the life of your equipment and reduce the need for larger, more costly repairs and replacements down the road. Our stance is that educating and providing our clients with the facts and solutions is the best way to enhance the safety and accessibility to the sport of diving.