Matt Ventura

Matt is truly the face of Devise Diving and could likely serve as the world's biggest fan of the sport. He began his diving career late, starting only as a senior in high school but worked his way onto the team at Eastern Michigan University. He quickly fell in love with the sport and has been looking for ways to make an impact and give back to the community that changed his life ever since.

Matt has coached diving at Legacy Dive Club out of Eastern Michigan University and most recently Ohio State Dive Club. During his time coaching, Devise Diving was a passion that he began on the side with ambition to make it something more. He now pursues Devise Diving full time and spends his down time with his wife and daughter.

Matt's passion for diving and for the work he does is contagious. He inspires those within the team and the clients he works with to constantly improve and expand the sport of diving and make the experience for athletes and coaches memorable.