Illinois Technician

Peter Rusenas

Peter is no stranger when it comes to the sound of a good diving board.

Starting his diving career at the age of 6 with the River Rats out of IRSC, Peter continued diving with DuPage Diving Academy and ended his 13 year career at Eastern Michigan University.

When Peter is not servicing diving boards around the country, he enjoys coaching the sport of diving and teaching the youth. Formerly a coach for Legacy Dive Club out of Eastern Michigan University, Peter now coaches with Evanston Dive Club out of Northwestern University.

Peter loves his work with the team at Devise Diving but his favorite part is helping facilities gain peace of mind about the quality and safety of their equipment.

Peter takes great ownership in his work and never leaves a job site unfinished. He cares greatly about each facility he services and the diving community at large.

Peter has been with Devise Diving since 2016. He is located out of Naperville, IL and oversees maintenance for the Midwest Region.