Why Maintain A Diving Board?

Diving boards and stands are a costly but valuable addition to any facility. Just like one might maintain their car or appliances around your home, diving boards and stands also need to be maintained. Typically, servicing your boards once a year is sufficient for the majority of facilities. If you believe your boards are used more than average, we would love to discuss a maintenance plan that would fit your needs. Diving boards that aren't properly maintained can lose their functional integrity and compromise the safety of its users. An unmaintained diving board is often incredibly noisy due to bolts loosening, damaged hinges, loose railings, broken fulcrum bearings, and misalignment. The sport is much more enjoyable for both the athlete and its spectators when equipment is maintained and the sound is muffled.

What Is Included In Our Tune-Ups?

When we service your boards, we will completely disassemble the fulcrum and clean each individual component. If a board has gone a significant amount of time without attention, there are often broken parts in the fulcrum. We include replacement of most broken pieces in the tune-up expense. Once everything is cleaned and repaired, the fulcrum is reassembled, greased, and tuned. We also tighten and tend to hand railings and hinges. Once everything is reassembled and the area has been cleaned and sanitized, our technician will complete trial bounces on the board to ensure that it meets our standard.